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Entertainment plays a large role in creating a memorable experience. Weddings are arguably one of the most important celebrations a family will experience.

Divine Audio is committed to delivering a product which is second to none. Over the past decade we have provided entertainment for many weddings Australia wide.  

Our staff will work intimately with you to ensure a successful and memorable overall experience. Our service includes up to 3 face-to-face meetings before the special date, and unlimited phone/email contact with our management team. We want to take the stress out of the organization, and are happy for you to be as little, or as involved as you like. Every wedding is unique and we endeavor to create this ‘uniqueness’ for you.

With our extensive supplier database we also have a number of contacts on hand to provide further options for your wedding. If you require a photo booth, car hire, photographer or Candy Bar, or more, feel free to email or contact us.

Wedding Solutions:

 Divine Audio has provided a number of solutions over the years for many weddings. Below are a few examples of our work.

Private Residence Wedding:

Divine Audio were contacted to provide sound, lighting and entertainment on a private 20 acre residence for a wedding. Below is how we successfully provided the Bride and Groom with a seamless solution.


IMG_0789            IMG_0793

  • The Ceremony: We provided the Celebrant with a wireless head set Mic and two lapel Mics for the Bride and Groom. A large sound system was required to cater for the 150 guests at the ceremony. Strategically placed speakers were important not to impede on the spectacular views offered. We required a 16 channel mixer, as we had many sources of sound coming into at once. We had the three Mics, a guitarist, two singers and some background music. One of our staff members was on hand to ensure all levels of Mics, singers and Celebrant were all at similar and clear level. 
  • Pre Reception Drinks: Whilst the newlyweds ventured the property with the photographer we had a 45 minute period located outside the barn. We Provided a pair of speakers and dj console, again conservatively installed not to impede on the surrounds of the rustic theme. Our Dj provided a nice easy mix of background tracks.
  • The Barn: Due to the size of the barn and number of guests we provided four smaller speakers spread evenly throughout the location. Closer to the dance floor we conveniently camouflaged two subwoofers to increase some bottom end which defiantly helped the dance floor get up and running.  The speakers were organised into two zones and their volume levels could be controlled individually. Controlling the levels of each speaker was important and thoughtful as later in the evening once the formalities had finished and dancing commenced we still wanted to offer a quieter area for people to converse. We provided the mc with a wireless mic as he was confident roaming the long tables  . We also provided 8 LED Batterie powered Up Lighting to light up the walls of the Barn. Overall it was a great solution and the Bride and Groom loved every aspect of the Wedding.